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To Listen and Serve

Empowering Communities

Empowering Communities is my collaborative approach to improve the lives of Ward 9 constituents. It involves a collective approach between the residents, community associations, and city departments to resolve issues deteriorate our quality of life. My simple 5-step solution Empowers Communities to find their voice and take action.

Promote Public Safety & Community Beautification

Promoting Public Safety & Community Beautification is my vision that will address issues related to social disorder, illegal dumping, graffiti, community policing or lack there of, and much more.

Support Small Business

My goal will be to attract new businesses to Ward 9. This will involve working with council, lobbying our governments and collaborating with communities, BIA’s/BRZ’s, and developers to create an atmosphere that will attract talent and opportunity.

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John William’s platform centres around the communities he wants to serve.

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It’s Time To Listen

“All members of the Ward 9 communities have their own expertise and it’s time that someone listened to them. I am here to listen and help blend the ideas of everyone, because we all have a voice.”

Where is John William Next?

Meet with me out in the communities I want to serve.  Take a look at my calendar to see where I’ll be next.

A Proven Track Record

John William Enjoy’s Being Active In Ward 9

Business Revitalization

John William BRZ Stampede BreakfastJohn William is the Secretary of the International Avenue BRZ on 17th Avenue SE. He has been a part of representing the, over 421, businesses along the strip to increase their sales and run effectively. They have successfully accomplished a huge revamping of 17th Avenue and implementing the new Purple Line BRT for the area. Working with the City, businesses and community leaders to accomplish this goal. John William and the BRZ also successfully worked to fend off the proposed mobile safe injection site that had been proposed by the Alberta Government and endorsed by the Ward 9 Councillor’s Office.

Advocate For Seniors

John William for Calgary SeniorsJohn William has a profound respect for the generations that have gone before him and paved the way for a brighter future.  He is one of the founders of the annual One For The Ages Charity Gala, which raises thousands of dollars for at-risk senior citizens in Calgary.

John William also was the Chair of Fund Development on the Board of Directors for the Calgary Seniors Resource Society for 6 years. In the 6 years that he was there in that position they diversified their sources of income for the Society and raised the public profile substantially of the over 25 year organization. The budget grew by over 25% in the 6 years and the organization was able to launch new initiatives such as Pet Assist. Reaching out to private businesses and community members who previously were unaware of the organization was key!

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

John William has been actively involved in passing along his business savvy by teaching local businesses how to network and improve their organizations through collaboration and cooperation.

John William volunteered for a few years as an Area Director with BNI (Business Network International) to assist business owners to network and grow their businesses together. He was responsible for opening new chapters and turning chapters that had become challenged around. BNI Southern Alberta grew in membership by over 25% in that time. He continues to assist and educate members of his own BNI Chapter each week.

Helping Newcomers

John William understands the challenges of starting life in a new country.  When he was 22 he set off for Japan.  Over an 8 year period he opened 3 English schools. He went from 1 teacher to over 10 teachers, from around the world, coming together to teach students from 2 years old to 76! He put on Summer Camps and Cultural Events to exchange culture, in addition to, English with the Japanese people. While there, John William also ran a English Book Drive to supply the local library with an English book section.  He enjoyed the challenge of marshalling ExPats to help out and donate their books to a community that they were not rooted in.

John William speaks Japanese and French and finds that communication with others is key in everything he does.

John William instructs newcomers in Calgary through the Immigration Services Calgary Organization on real estate investments and financing. He has had the honour of instructing many foreigners so that they become self-sufficient and productive in Calgary.

Accomplished Entrepreneur

John William has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Calgary.  At just 22 he opened and ran a series of English Schools in Japan for nearly 8 years. He then returned to Calgary and has since been running a successful Real Estate firm for 16 years. John William has been inducted in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Platinum Club and has received multiple achievement awards.

Who Is John William?

A Devoted Family Man, an Entrepreneur, a Calgarian.

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